We recognise that our wonderful carers play a crucial role in helping to make Quality Living at Home a success and we never forget that.

We make sure that we get to know each carer as an individual and endeavour to make sure that they feel as valued and that their requirements are listened to.

but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our carers say about us!

We hope you are interested in becoming part of our team, please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine or Inga at any time for an informal chat or drop us an email and we would be delighted to let you know more about how we might be able to work with you to find your ideal assignment.

Quality Living at home provides premium services of dependable, personal and quality care.

When I joined the Agency in March 2018 to look after my current client, I was presented with a carefully constructed care package which also took into account potential incidents which may occur.  Much needed equipment was sourced with the help of Lorraine and Inga.  This was all done with professionalism and loyalty to client, carer and family.  I am in awe of how quickly the Agency responds to all kinds of problems arising in sometimes difficult or complex situations, making for carer and client to live in harmony with each other.

We do appreciate the regular calls and visitations to the home, adding that they have gone beyond their call of duty in many ways on numerous occasions, just to mention a couple, late last year Lorraine and a colleague drove over 135 miles on a weekend to take our client to a family wedding, this is still spoken of highly amongst the family.  Also, both ladies went overboard in spoiling my client and myself for his 100th birthday earlier this year for lunch at his favourite pub.  They are always willing to go that extra mile.

It is a great comfort for me to know they are both just a call away when in need of professional advice or a chat.  I see them both more like a friend than an agency providing basic needs.

Gaynor DerbyshireCarer Testimonial

After working for many agencies I have been so happy working for Quality Living at Home. We are looked after by the Company and they take an interest in you as a person. They always have your back and very ready to listen to your problems. If your client or assignment is proving challenging,  they are always ready and on hand to give advice or assistance. They keep in contact with the carers and clients. Wonderful happy, positive company to work for.

Sharon BCarer Testimonial

Since I have joined Quality Living at Home, I have felt supported and cared for.  I am so happy working with Lorraine and Inga to find me short term assignments as I feel I can trust their commitment and also their professionality to help carers as well as clients.  Many thanks for caring and what you do and I shall look forward to asking you to find me another lovely client then next time I come back to the UK.

Isobel DLOCarer Testimonial

A professional and simultaneously friendly approach… Always doing their best for the clients and the carers

Jana BCarer Testimonial

Inga and Lorraine are supportive and always ready to help. Good company to work for.

Marzena LCarer Testimonial

It gives me great pleasure to tell all that I work for a  great caring agency.

Lorraine and Inga always go the extra mile. They check in on us at the client’s home, or a  lovely chat on the telephone, helping to ensure we never feel isolated and lonely. They’re just a phone call away. Seven days a  week. I have personally recommended  “Quality  Living “ to a  number of friends who would like to do care in the UK and so I know I can speak for them too.

Lorraine and Inga’s open, honest, frank way of dealing with the elderly and with their  ‘carers’ is phenomenal.

As carers, we love their honesty when going through a client’s portfolio/care plan and appreciate their friendly smiling faces as they walk in the door when visiting us.

We love working for these ladies.

Davina WCarer Testimonial

Despite these difficult times that we are all going through all, Inga and Lorraine gave me the opportunity to be part of their team. They advised me, understood me and helped me find some lovely clients, I cannot be grateful enough for that.


Nicoleta DCarer Testimonial

I would like to say I find Inga and Lorraine excellent to work for, you are always hands-on with Clients and personally. You are always there with a helping hand in any situation.  All in all a fantastic Company to work for, we all feel like a happy family.

Thanks, guys for all you have done for me in the last months. I really appreciate it.

Marion SCarer Testimonial

“Care “ is the operative word for QLH. The two ladies , namely Lorraine and Inga who run it, do exactly that, they CARE! both for the clients and the carers. They take time to get to know both, thus meaning they know which of their carers would be best suited for the clients needs.

Wendy WCarer Testimonial

After having being let down by the large caring company that I worked for and very apprehensive about going it alone , a friend of mine suggested that I contact Quality Living at Home  as she had another friend who had spoken very highly of them. I contacted Lorraine and Inga, met up with them a few days later and I  immediately felt that there was immense value placed on the carers wellbeing as well as the clients. Lorraine and Inga took me on immediately and the rest is history. I was matched with a client very quickly and I have now been with this client for a year and look forward to the continuation of this ” happy relationship”

I don’t have the words to express my thanks to you both

Marion BCarer Testimonial

I am new at the QLH, so my words are based on few months spent here. What was a big difference to what I had experienced so far! I felt a great anticipated trust during our phone call and when we met face to face, they were interested about me and my qualities and what I wanted. Through their trust in matching me with some of their clients, they have helped raise my self -confidence and made me truly believe that I am a good carer.

I feel safe knowing that I am valued and appreciated, huge thanks to you, dear Lorraine and Inga.

Ibi SCarer Testimonial

It is with pride that I can say I have been blessed to have the opportunity  to work with Quality Living, with Lorraine and Inga at the helm. Compared to other large agencies I have worked for never really took the time to understand my needs and that was even though I was an employee!  I have found that Inga and Lorraine really take time to understand the client and carer’s needs which has made any assignment I have been introduced to through them to be just what I wanted.

Valerie MCarer Testimonial

Great team which are very professional & supportive in all aspects & especially towards Carers needs. Thank you

Stuart DCarer Testimonial