What We Do

Quality Living at Home (QLH) is an introductory Agency run on a very personal basis by Lorraine Terry and Inga Diggens.  We specialise in the sourcing and matching of live in carers to private clients on a long term or respite basis.  All our carers work on a Self-Employed basis. We only use the very best carers who always work under our ongoing guidance and support to the very highest standard and our care costs are very competitive.

Following a new Client enquiry, QLH arrange to visit the Client at home to assess client needs. We take a full brief of the care requirements, and conduct a risk assessment.  Careful note is also taken of other requests such as whether a driver is required, good cook, companion etc.  This enables us to start to develop a trusting relationship between ourselves and our client, to clearly understand what is required and in turn enables us to select a carer that most closely matches the care requirement.

Once a carer is selected, we send our Client their profile and discuss the carer with them explaining why we think the carer would be suitable.  In most instances we find that our Client is happy to go ahead from our description, however If the client requires an initial phone call or meeting with their prospective carer, then we can arrange this either face to face or alternatively through a video meeting.  All our carers have Enhanced DBS Clearance, Public Liability Insurance, appropriate references, Right to Work and when required a valid Driving Licence. QLH keep copies of this documentation and remind the carer when any insurances, passports, training etc need to be renewed.

Once a carer is in place QLH (Lorraine and Inga) personally visit regularly to make sure both the carer and client are both happy. This is normally at least once a month, sometimes more if it is specifically required and either Lorraine or Inga would always make a phone call to the carer/client once a week to make sure all is running smoothly.  This is particularly useful when Client’s families live quite a distance away or even abroad as it means that there is always someone ‘on the ground’ whom can make sure all is well and can communicate back as necessary, it also means that the carer does not feel completely alone.  QLH have an ‘open access’ policy for both carers and clients to be able to call or meet with Lorraine or Inga at any time, even if it is just for a ‘chat’.  This ensures that we might be able to nip minor situations or misunderstandings in the bud, mediate if necessary or just offer support and advice when needed by either party.

Our whole philosophy is to be there to provide ongoing support for both the client and carer, thus ensuring continuity of care and allowing people to maintain and retain their independence whilst living at home, in surroundings that are familiar and that they feel comfortable with.

We have an excellent reputation within the industry. Through word of mouth and recommendation, it also means that we have access to some of the best, most experienced carers available, which in turn means that we are confident we are providing the best possible carers to our clients.  Clients too are happier in the knowledge that their carer is being paid a fair wage for the job and that the agency fees they are paying are being used proactively and not just being eaten up by a larger company’s administration and overhead costs.  There is an additional ‘win’ for the client in using QLH as an introductory agency instead of a managed services agency in that there is sometimes a considerable cost saving to be made and QLH can provide a much more personal, tailored service.

Additional Services

From time to time, if a client needs to make an application for a care package or already has one in place that might need to be reviewed, we are very happy to come with families to any meeting required by Social Services or to provide information that might assist with the application or review.  We have found that because we have first-hand knowledge of both the carer and the client, this can prove invaluable in providing the correct details to make sure that Social Services know exactly what care is required and to assist in securing the best care package possible.

In addition, clients sometimes need access to Occupational Health for house modifications or additional personal care aids such as walkers, wheelchairs etc.  Lorraine and Inga have excellent knowledge about these things and have some good contacts gained over the years which can prove to be particularly useful.