What We Do

Quality Living at Home (QLH) is an introductory Agency run by Lorraine Terry and Inga Diggens.  

As recruitment specialists, we specialise in the sourcing and matching of live in carers to private clients either on a long term or respite basis.  All our carers work on a Self-Employed basis and we only select the very best carers whom we know will always to the very highest standard.

Following a new Client enquiry, QLH will arrange to visit the Client and/or their family at home to understand what care the client needs. We take a full brief in the form of an Assignment Description which helps us understand both the care needs and what our client would be looking for from their carer or companion.  This will also include careful note of any other requests. 

For example whether a driver is required, whether they are a good cook, good companion, like the outdoors, animals or music etc.  

In addition, we will make a note of any specific current or previous interests to enable us to identify a carer with a similar outlook on life so we can make the best match possible.   

This allows us to establish trust between ourselves and our client, to clearly understand what is required which in turn enables us to select a carer that most closely matches the clients care requirement and circumstances and also to make sure that our carer has the best possible assignment matched to them. 

Once we have selected a carer or carers, we send Carer Profiles to our Client.  These profiles will include a picture which we find is reassuring to our clients and helps them to ‘picture’ the carer alongside reading about their skills, experience, likes etc.  We then discuss each carer with the client and explain why we think they would be suitable.  We often find that over time, our Clients are happy to go ahead with a carer based on our description and carers profile, however we do always encourage the client to have a final phone call or video meeting with their prospective carer to confirm final details.  All our carers have DBS Clearance, their own Carers Public Liability Insurance, appropriate references and training, Right to Work and when required a valid Driving Licence.

Once our client has decided which carer they feel is right for them, we will confirm with the carer and agree a mutually convenient start date for the assignment.  We make sure that our clients understand that as the carer is self employed, and that the carer will be invoicing the client directly on a regular basis (timing to be agreed between carer and client but usually weekly or two weekly) and that when their carer starts, that they will be assuming responsibility between them for all aspects of care required and the general day to day details and decisions regarding the assignment on an ongoing basis.  At this point, we normally suggest a 4 week trial period (for both the carer and the client) as it can take time to develop the necessary ‘chemistry’ and to get to know one another. 

Although we respect our client is in full control of the situation,  we are happy to be on hand for any help or guidance needed by our client and to listen and support them with any decisions they wish to make regarding future care.  This allows us to make the best possible match should their carer leave or take a break and they wish for us to find a replacement.

Our whole philosophy is to match the best carer we can to each and every client, thus ensuring continuity of care and allowing our clients to maintain and retain their independence whilst still living in their own home, in surroundings that are familiar and that they feel comfortable with.

We have an excellent reputation within the caring community, both through word of mouth and recommendation.  This means that we have access to some of the very best, most experienced self-employed carers available.  In turn, this means we are confident in matching the best possible carers to our clients. 

There is often an additional ‘win’ for the client in using an introductory agency to match a self-employed carer in that there is often a considerable cost saving as opposed to using a Managed Agency service.